Grouper Aquaculture Indonesia Technique Information

You might be curious about grouper aquaculture Indonesia which highly developed these days, and then we will give the entire information in our page here. The reason why Indonesia starts to develop the grouper aquaculture is because this food fish itself is very high in demand. Thus, even though this marine country is actually able to fish a lot of grouper in their natural habitat. But they are still not able to fulfill the huge demand that they received from a lot of countries all around the world. This is why; they try to use grouper aquaculture method so they can give more steady supply to the market. This is why a lot of people become interested in knowing more about the technique that they use in this grouper aquaculture. Nothing to be worried about, here we will give all of the information needed.

Information about Grouper Aquaculture Indonesia
The actually Indonesian farmer will start their grouper aquaculture since fingerling is still in smallest sizing. This is done so the grouper fingerling can be comfortable when staying in the aquaculture environment which surely not their natural habitat. This aquaculture environment is usually created using net cage that floats or pond. The pond used for the nursery itself is usually created in 100 m x 100 m sizing then the deep is around 1 m or 1.5 m. once the nursery pond is ready then the grouper fingerling can be put inside this pond.
The grouper fingerling that is put inside this pond is usually around 5 cm until 7 cm for the length. That is why the grouper aquaculture Indonesia farm usually put inside this pond around 100 grouper fingerling on each sq m. the grouper fish that is put inside this pond will be feeding on frozen fish. Then after half month to one month time, they can grow bigger in 10 cm until 12 cm for the size. This time, the grouper fish will be feeding on trash fish until they grow larger. Next they will be feeding on some vitamins, minerals as well as fish meal. This will make them grow bigger in 15 cm until 20 cm for the size. With this new sizing, this means they have grow into fry and now is ready for moving to their new environment that are usually net cage or pond which filled with brackish for the water.
For the net cage environment is actually created in specific area as the environment should naturally provide brackish water as the source. The environment should also be safe from any predators. The wind as well as the wave in this environment should also be strong. More importantly; that the environment should gets water change in enough quantity. The quality of the water in this environment should also be great to ensure that the fry can grow better.
In this environment, the grouper aquaculture Indonesia technique done is by using net cage. It is created with bamboo for the pole as well as polyethylene for the net. The net itself is consisting of two panels when creating the cage. This first of the two panels will be made with 4 sides to create the cage. Then the second of the two panels will be made to create the bottom cage. Then the cage will be attached into pole of bamboo by rope which then made into raft like for the structure. Last some of the buoyancy is also attached into pole of bamboo and those are created from plastic gallons.
When it comes to the environment the water should also be in 27 Celsius which then can go 30 Celsius for the temperature degree. The oxygen amount should also at 5 mg/liter complete with 26 percent up toward 30 percent of salinity and 7.8 points up toward 8.3 points for the ph meter. Thus before using that place, then the water in that environment should be check so all of the parameters can be known to be optimal.
The grouper aquaculture Indonesia quality and result will be depended to the environment where the cage is located as well as the previous parameters we mention before such as food as well as quality in the water. However, for the normal result net cage environment with 5x5x3 size can give at about 600 kg for the result. It will take around seven months for the grouper fish to grow from the small fish until they are as big as 600 grams.
For the pond environment, then density of this environment is very important to note. This is why the depth which generally used on the pond is around 2 meters. Then the bottom part in this environment is also leveled, so it will make the harvesting become easier in the end of the aquaculture. When it comes to the sizing, it may be varied with 0.2 ha toward 0.3 ha and the height itself will be at 1.5 m. the environment should also get enough water that flowing continuously. But then again, the parameters of the water are actually different compared to the previous environment. In this environment the water salinity itself is 330 mg/liter, then for the temperature it should be 16 degree toward 32 degree on the temperature.
Another thing that grouper aquaculture Indonesia farmer need to pay attention is to the cleanness of this environment itself. Especially since there would be lots of algae which start to grow on the bottom part of the environment because it gets enough sunlight. It can easily be done by installing pipe system inside the environment which will also help to remove the waste and excreta build up at the bottom of this environment.
Then those are the information that you need to pay attention when it comes to grouper aquaculture Indonesia farming technique. This technique will make them able to yield optimum result which may reach to tons of grouper fish. And as the grouper fish itself has high value, this means that the farmer will be able to earn high amount of earning from this aquaculture method.