Indonesia Canned Crab Meat Supplier

Crab in Indonesia is always in season thanks to the maritime area and the tropical climate. One of the most popular crab products in there is crab meat packaged in cans. This product sold by many Indonesia canned crab meat supplier since they are not only cheap, but also become important commodities in export import transaction due to the high market demand. Crab meat is pasteurized and then packed into cans so they will have longer shelf life than fresh crab meat. It is ideal to be used when you want to make many recipes with crab meat as the ingredient.

Why you need to buy from Indonesia canned crab meat supplier?
Crab in Indonesia is called ‘Kepiting’ and they are favored by many Indonesia people due to their delicious taste and soft texture when cooked. The crabs are important trade commodity for Indonesia people that sold domestically and internationally. Indonesia canned crab meat supplier delivered the crab meat in cans or cups across the countries to various importers such as Singapore, America, China, and many more.
Indonesia is one of the top crab producers in the world with canned crab as one of their products. Why you should by canned crab meat from Indonesian suppliers? First, there are cheap in prices especially if you want to order bulk the canned crab meat then you can get discounted prices. And second, the canned crab meat from Indonesia can be compared by other countries in terms of quality which means that they offered only good quality of crab meats in cans to satisfy customers.
Is canned crab meat in Indonesia safe and edible?
Yes, the canned crab meat in Indonesia is safe and edible because it already through heat pressured process in order to make sure that all the bacteria inside the meats are removed. In addition, the process also ensures longer shelf life of the crab meats. Furthermore, for export import transaction, all the canned crab meat is going through tight health inspection and they are certified by regulators thus you do not need to be worried with the safety of the crab meats.
Where the crab meats are sourced from?
Most of the crab meats in Indonesia taken from wild caught crabs harvested from the ocean with sustainable fishing method. The crabs are taken alive because fresh crab meats are the best quality when they are processed into canned seafood. The crabs are caught from areas such as West Java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi.
However, because of the high market demand for crab meats, Indonesia canned crab meat supplier also sourced their crab meat from crab farms. The farmed crab meat can be as good as the wild caught crab since the farmers make sure to raise them in proper methods and minimize the contamination of mercury.
How the canned crab meat is being delivered?
Canned crab meat from Indonesia is delivered via trucks or boats for domestic trades. The crab meat is packed tidily and then shipped to various supermarkets, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, retailers, wholesalers, and other customers. As for export import transaction, the crab meat is delivered via air cargo for quick delivery process. This is the best method to ensure that the crab meat shipped to the customers in time. Since crab meat in cans have long shelf life, sometime cheap Indonesia canned crab meat supplier is also like to ship them by boats for cheaper shipping delivery alternative.
Before the crab meat is being delivered, the suppliers need to ensure they achieve certificate of HACCP. This is mean that the canned crab meat is safe and edible for consuming and ready to be delivered as export product. After the certification is gained, the cargo will schedule the delivery process as soon as possible and then ship them to its destinations.
Indonesia canned crab meat grades
Canned crab meat in Indonesia is sold according to their grades as well. Price will be different according to their grades and sizes which lead to the different qualities. Here are four different crab meat grades which you likely encounter when buying canned crab meats from Indonesia canned crab meat suppliers in the market:
·         Colossal/ Jumbo lump canned crab: Colossal lump crab meat or also know as super or mega jumbo lump is the largest chunks of meat taken from the meat that connect to the swimming fins of the crab. It has large size and the price is the most expensive one among crab meat grades. As for the jumbo lump, it is the same two muscles but in smaller crab size than the colossal canned crab.
·         Lump crab canned meat: This is another grade taken from broken jumbo lumps mixed with large chunks of crab body meat. The product is less expensive than colossal and jumbo lump, but they are still offer delicate flavor with nice bright color. This is great when used as ingredient for restaurant quality or fine dining crab cakes because of the large size.
·         Backfin crab canned meat: Backfin crab canned meat consists of smaller broken chunks of lump crab meat. They are mixed with white body meat flakes of the crab. Although it is cheaper than the lump canned crab, however they are still offer delicious flavor and enough texture to offer appealing appearance when served on the plate. You can buy them from Indonesia canned crab meat supplier online for dishes when the crab meat is still visible.
·         Special crab canned meat: This crab canned meat consists of smaller flakes taken from body cavity white crab meat. It is great to be used for dish that shows delicate flavor and good color rather than visual impact. The price is least expensive than backfin crab canned meat or other canned crab meat grades above.
·         Claw crab canned meat: This is the cheapest canned crab meat since it only consists of claw meat of crab with pinkish brown meat rather than white meat. It has flavorful taste which not going to lose even when you mixed it with other ingredient or seasonings.
Those are variety of Indonesia canned crab meat supplier which you can buy in the market.