Indonesia Grouper Suppliers with High Quality Product

If you have seafood restaurant, then you might want to contact Indonesia grouper suppliers since they can give you the best product with high quality. The seafood restaurant will highly depends on the variety of food fish that they provide to their customer. Thus if you want to make your seafood restaurant different from other restaurant in the market, then you should be able to provide various food fish to your customer. One food fish that you should try to provide is the grouper fish. The reason is because this food fish is very popular thus many of your customers surely love to eat this food fish.

Supermarket Uses Indonesia Grouper Suppliers
The grouper fish itself is favor by a lot of seafood restaurant since this food fish has high economical value. Thus if you provide this food fish for your customer, then you will surely gain a lot of profit in the process. Do not worry as there are various dishes that you can make using this food fish as the ingredient. But of course, you need to ensure that the grouper fish you use as the ingredient has high quality. Especially since the quality of the dish you provide for your customer will also highly depends on the quality of the ingredient that you use which is the grouper fish. Thus you need to ensure that the supplier you use will be able to give you the quality product that you want.
Actually you do not need to worry when you use product from Indonesia grouper suppliers as they are able to give product that has high quality. But then again, you should also be knowledgeable to determine whether the product that they will give you indeed has high quality. Not every time you are able to see the product beforehand especially if your restaurant is located in very far location from the supplier. This is why you need to know how your supplier able to get their hands on the grouper fish as this fish is very high valued.
Actually the reason why Indonesian supplier is able to give you great quality product is because they are farming the grouper fish since they are still in fingerling form. Thus they are able to maintain the quality of the product that they provided from the start. That is why; you need to learn the method that they use to farm this grouper fish if you want to be able to determine the quality of their product.
Actually the fingerling will be growing inside nursery pond or small floating cage for them to grow well. Inside this nursery area, they will be eating frozen fish for two weeks until one month time. After they grow to be 12 centimeters in length then the Indonesia grouper suppliers will change their food into trash fish so they can grow better. Then afterwards the food will be changed again to several of feeds such as minerals, vitamins which put inside the fish meal. This will make them grow into 20 centimeters in length then this means they are ready for moving into new growing spots. Actually there are two types of growing spot that the supplier will use. The first is the net cage then the second is the pond that is filled with brackish water.
For the net cage, it will be use when the farming is done near the shore area as this area already has natural brackish water spot. But of course, the spot should be free from any predators that might threaten the grouper fish live. Then the spot should have good water exchange with strong wave and the wind to ensure the quality of the water can be maintained. The quality of the water needed inside the net cage is also important as the temperature should be maintained below 30 temperatures on Celsius. Then the oxygen should also in 5 mg/liter with below 30 percent on the salinity. Then the ph should also be below 8.3 point for the grouper fish to grow.
Then the Indonesia grouper suppliers supply itself will highly depends on the result that they get from this farming method. Then this farming method is depending on the location where the net cage is put. But if all the conditions are already fulfilled, then for every 75 sq meters the supplier will be able to supply 600 kilos of grouper fish. The growing until farming itself will only take seven months to do.
However, the best Indonesia grouper suppliers will usually using pond growing method as this method will give them larger result. But of course, the density of the pond should be note as it should not be too dense thus the pond will usually have 2 meters depth. Then to make the harvesting process become easier, the bottom part of the pond will be made into level. For the size of the pond it is actually varied according to the supplier requirement. But it is usually around 0.3 hectare size since they need to grow a lot of fishes at once.
The water flow inside the pond should also be done continuously but then again, the parameters should also correct so the grouper fish can survive in that condition. The correct parameters from the water inside the pond are different from the previous method. For this method the water should have salinity 330 mg/liter level then the temperature should be16 Celsius to 32 Celsius. With this parameter, then the supplier can gain huge harvest for each hectare of their pond which will be up to 20 tons of weight. This comes from around 40,000 fry which put inside the pond several months ago. The fry will then grow into big fish which has 600 gram weight for each fish.
As you can see, the result that the supplier gets is huge. Then Indonesia grouper suppliers they will also able to provide the best product quality. Thus you can use this guide to see whether they use the method we mention to create their product or not.