Grouper Exporter

For grouper exporter to be able to ship their product outside their countries then they need get permission and certification from its regulator. Grouper fish is one of the most popular commodities in fishing industry which sold worldwide across the countries. Grouper fish usually caught with hook and line methods, bottom long line, and drift gillnet. The fish like to inhabit bottom reefs and rocks thus it is quite challenging to catch the grouper fish.
In the market, grouper is exported to various countries including Europe, America, Australia, and many more. They are available in different product cuts including grouper fish in a whole, steaks, fillets, value added, and fingers. These products delivered in either fresh or frozen state. However, to look the freshness of the fish during a long export travel then most of the grouper exporters sell their fish as frozen grouper.
Grouper exporter products in the market
Grouper fish has high price when sold in the market since this fish is considered to be a luxury seafood product. They are sold in various countries mostly to star hotels and restaurants. Grouper exporter products in the market include:
-          Grouper fish in a whole: The fish in a whole sold and shipped by container to various destinations by air for quick delivery. They are going to reach several places including outside wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Fish in a whole is quickly frozen during the trip to lock the freshness. There is also headed and gutted whole fish product available from the sellers. The fish head is already removed with the guts cleaned for easy and quick preparation use.
-          Grouper fillets: The backbone is out and you are leave with the best premium grouper fish meat. Grouper fillet offers amazing and nice plating when being served. Many restaurants prefer to buy fish fillets due to the appearance and quick preparation. Many fish fillets available such as butterfly fillet, natural fillet, tail shape fillet, and many more including skin on fillet and skin off fillet.
-          Grouper steaks: Grouper fish is also often cut into steaks and they can be grilled, pan fried, or baked. The grouper fish is cut cross wide and cutting through the fish bone and then it will results in beautiful fish steaks. The cut is what makes them different with the fish grouper fillet.
These are the top three grouper suppliers’ product in the market. As for the price, it depends on the market demand. However, grouper fish is highly valued in the aquaculture and seafood industry so many people like to trade them in export and import business.
Grouper exporter process
When the grouper fish is ready to be exported, the exporters should have HACCP certificates for the first. This certificate will ensure the safety of grouper fish as well as other seafood products. It is important to get HACCP and health certificates from the regulator if you want to export seafood or other foods product outside the countries. In Europe, such process is required so your fish can be received. Of course they will conduct some inspections before your products can be sold and distributed to the people in Europe market. To get the certificates, the exporters need to provide some fish sample to the Quarantine Department so they can check the safety of the fish and to be able to give you certain documents and certificates.
After you receive the required certificates, you also need to select trusted shipping agents. The freight forwarder will issues shipping instruction and the shipping schedules based on the contract or deals. The chosen shipping agent will take the cargo full of grouper fish which going to be sold in other countries. They will deliver them with air plane for quick shipping according to their system and after that they will issues Air Way Bill.
Supply chain from the exporters
Grouper exporter suppliers sourced their fish from the fishermen. Fish that have been caught by the fishermen will immediately freeze before they bring it to the facilities for further process. If the exporter wants to deliver grouper fish in fillets or steaks then they will process the whole grouper fish in the facilities.
The grouper fish that received by the exporters are sorted based on their species and qualities. Of course it will affect the price of the grouper fish as well besides market demand factor. After that, the exporters will prepare and send them all to the customers according to the deals.
Grouper exporter from Indonesia
Grouper fish might be can be found in Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean; however they also can be harvested in Indonesia waters where the fish is abundant as well. They can ship some species of grouper fish that wild caught from the Indonesia seas including from: West Sumatra, South Sulawesi, and Jakarta.
Indonesia itself is one of the main producing countries of grouper fish. Each year, their product is sold in global market. The grouper is highly sought after species which are caught wildly and then sold for consumptions both on domestic and international markets. The grouper fish is a part of Serranidae family and there are three main species sold by Indonesia grouper exporter including:
1.      dot-dash grouper (Epinephelus poecilonotus)
2.      greasy grouper (Epinephelus tauvina)
3.      duskytail grouper (Epinephelus bleekeri)
These three grouper species are important in export and import seafood market or seafood industry.
If you want to search for trusted grouper exporter from Indonesia then there are several things you should look for such as:
·         The quality and variety of the grouper fish. Reliable exporters usually offer various grouper fish products including steaks, fillets, and a whole. They come in high quality fish. Of course you need to ask for a sample to ensure the quality of the fish.
·         It is better to select exporters that run in the business for quite long time so you read previous buyers reviews and testimonies about the supplier’s services and qualities.
·         Ask for discounted price if you want to purchase in a bulk, this will give you more profit.
It is certain that grouper fish is favored by many people and thus you can try to serve them in your business by buying from grouper exporter Indonesia.