DIY Frozen Tuna Loin Tips to Do It at Home

Frozen tuna loin is processed with care and special technique. Freezing tuna fish is unlike freezing any dish since the manufacturer needs to be careful when frozen the fish to prevent freezer burn. Moreover, the tuna fish which is not frozen properly can develop bad smell and taste. What makes it worse is that if you froze the tuna with improper ways, they can carry some diseases and in the end can cause some illness for those who eat the meat. That is why, freezing tuna needed time so the meat can be frozen perfectly and the results are the tuna loin will be free from bacteria and when the meat is thawed, they are cook nicely.

Tips to make DIY frozen tuna loin at home
Well, it is understandable that you cannot always find good frozen tuna in loin shape because the product is limited unlike canned tuna. So, if you happen cannot find a frozen tuna loin product at fish market or store, then you can purchase fresh and raw tuna loin condition. And there are some ways that you can follow to freeze the tuna raw meat at home. This is basically the best thing you can do when you do not want to use and cook the fish at the day you purchase them.
Here are the things that you need to prepare to make DIY frozen tuna loin at home:
·         1/4 cup of pickling salt
·         Resealable plastic freezer bag
·         Water
·         Plastic wrap
Follow these instructions to freeze your raw fresh tuna loin meat:
1.      First, you need to mix the water and salt to make a solution. The salt is important because it can be used to make the tuna fish stay firm as well as prevent the moisture leaving the fresh tuna meat.
2.      Take your tuna loin and then dip it in the salt solution just for a minute. Make sure you dip the fish in a whole.
3.      Prepare the plastic wrap and use it to wrap the tuna loin. After that, you still need to store the tuna inside resealable freezer bag and press the air out of the plastic bag before you close it.
4.      You can keep the frozen tuna loin for about three months more or less when you store it inside the coldest part of the freezer. You can take the tuna loin anytime you want to use it before the due date or before the tuna loin start rotten.
5.      To avoid spoilage and contamination, you can defrost the tuna loin your refrigerator. Furthermore, never defrost the frozen loin at room temperature condition or under hot water or in a microwave.
If you follow the instructions above, you might be able to keep the tuna loin fresh frozen for weeks. Please make sure that you select the best and freshest tuna to be frozen. And another note that you need to pay attention is that, you cannot refreeze the tuna fish meat right after you thaw it because it will give ugly effect to the tuna fish once you refreeze them.
There is alternative to freeze raw tuna loin and that is by using ice block. Of course you think this method is more difficult, but is also give the best solution on how to process frozen tuna loin. What you need to do are:
-          Take a large pan to make the ice block. Fill the pan with water and then make sure that the tuna fish can be placed in a whole into the pan.
-          After that store the pan inside a freezer and wait until the water is frozen. Once you see the water is frozen, remove the ice block from the pan.
-          Do not leave the ice block in that condition! You still need to wrap the block of ice using some moisture-proof packaging.
Now, you have two methods to freeze tuna loin at home. Choose carefully whether you want to use the easier first method or you simply want to freeze the loin meat with second method. Both of the ways are great to be used to freeze tuna loin at home.
You cannot only make frozen tuna loin, but you can freeze canned tuna product as well!
You can extend the shelf life of canned tuna product by freeze it which means that you are also can make frozen canned tuna. If frozen tuna loin manufacturer product is made from raw and fresh tuna fish meat, then canned tuna is in already cooked condition. If the can of tuna is still sealed, you can manage to store it in your kitchen pantries up to 3 years. However, once you open the can, you need to freeze it to prevent the spoilage and this is how you can do it.

Here are the things that you need to prepare to make DIY frozen tuna canned at home:
·         Can opener
·         Resealable plastic freezer bag
·         Permanent marker
Follow these instructions to freeze your canned tuna meat:
1.      Pour all the tuna meat into the Resealable plastic freezer bag and press the air out of the plastic bag before you close it.
2.      Using permanent marker of yours, write the expired date so you are not forget when to use the canned tuna fish before it becomes spoilage. The tuna canned can stay up to three months more or less.
3.      Put or store the bags into the coldest part of the freezer with constant 0 degrees Fahrenheit temperature or better, below that.
4.      If you want to use the frozen canned tuna, you can take it out of the freezer and thaw it by moving the plastic bag into the refrigerator for one or two days till the tuna has defrosted completely. Remember to never thaw the frozen canned tuna in room temperature.
Those are some notes which you need to know when you decide you want to freeze whether tuna loin or tuna in can. After you make DIY frozen tuna loin or tuna can, make sure to clean all the surfaces that come in contact of the tuna during the process to avoid food borne illnesses.